Introducing BlackBird (On-Demand Webinar) 

This event will show you how to manage EVERY aspect of your trade with unparalleled simplicity & flexibility. Utilize NT Indicators as trailing stops. Upgrade your ATM today.  

  • Automated Trade Management 
  • Pre-Program Order Movement
  • Enhanced Position Scaling
  • Unlimited Stop-Loss Trailing Rules
  • Exclusive On-Demand Offer 

Although this is a pre-recorded event, questions you type in the chat during business hours will be answered live by our Support Team.  

All other questions can be sent to

“Retail traders of today have power like never before. Thanks to BlackBird, the technological gap between deep-pocketed megaplayers and everybody else is smaller than ever. Blackbird is simply a tool no retail trader should be without.” 

Ferenc M, BlackBird User since 2016

“BlackBird’s ability to reduce risk during trading is second to none! This tool is truly a game-changer for all traders. The customer service and support at Shark is wonderful!”  

Steph T, BlackBird User since 2016